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Star Warz - thingie. Star Warz - thingie.

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Who am I? Just a Friend.

Let me dissect one of the reviews you guys left in hope that it will act as a "impaled head on stick" to the rest of you. BTW, thanks for all the non-abusive reviews (most of them) and im glad you liked the flash. Anywho, here it is, posted by teh_rawk:

""Feel free to leave abusive reviews and get yourself banned. :)"

That was my favorite part of the entire flash. You make a pile of shit...and then save yourself with "DONT YOU BE ABUSIVE TO ME!!"

So I says to myself "Perhaps its just this one, and he is used to kicking ass with his flashes"

But it wasnt the case...all the makers of this sucked...hard.""

1. There is no reason why you disliked the cartoon, logic is replaced by 3 year-old insults and poorly constructed sentence structure.

2. I have never even gotten a cartoon passed the portal, and the other author only has one. So who are you to judge how good WE are at flash? hmmmm...

3. Zekey's other cartoons, no matter how bad you think they are, beat your "none." You, most likely to frightened to submit your shitty cartoons, must take your anger out on other authors.

4. Your're clearly an idiot. Now climb down off your soapbox before you slip and hurt yourself =(

Again, thanks for all the wonderful reviews for those of you who have proper brain size for your age =)